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Join the collective powering an open internet. Run a light node on Celestia to secure your assets and become sovereign.
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What is a node?

A node is a piece of software that runs on a device like a computer or a phone. Generally, a node verifies that a blockchain works correctly and follows the rules. “Verifying” a blockchain can involve tasks like checking transactions are correct.

What is a Celestia light node?

Light nodes sound like you might expect. They are nodes that can run on cheaper hardware and slower internet connections than other node types. The lower requirements make it more accessible for anyone to run a node that verifies the chain.

Start up a light node

There are many ways to run a Celestia light node. Pick an option that fits you best to get your light node up and running.

Run light node via your command line
Startup your light node with the command line. This option is best if you’re familiar with using the command line.
Run light node in a virtual environment
Startup your light node through the command line in a virtual environment. Though this option still uses the command line, it can be completed in under 3 minutes and also works on Windows devices.
Run light node through an application
Boot up your light node through a user-friendly application. This is the easiest option, but it only works for m1 and m2 macs.


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