The first modular blockchain network

Celestia is a modular consensus and data network, built to enable anyone to easily deploy their own blockchain with minimal overhead.
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Deploy Fast
Deploy your own blockchain in minutes, as easily as a smart contract
Access the dynamic scaling unlocked by data availability sampling, where scale increases with the number of users
Create applications using your favorite VM or define your own
Be Sovereign
Build sovereign rollups, a new type of self-governing blockchain with minimal platform risk

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How it works

Celestia is a minimal blockchain that only orders and publishes transactions but does not execute them. By decoupling the consensus and application execution layers, Celestia modularizes the blockchain technology stack and unlocks new possibilities for decentralized application builders.
Traditional monolithic architecture
  • Developers can only use programming languages supported by chain's execution environment
  • All applications run on the same process (the world computer model), with shared gas resources
  • Smart contracts cannot be updated without a hard fork
Celestia-enabled modular architecture
  • Developers can effortlessly define their own virtual execution environments; similar to virtual machines
  • Each application gets its own sovereign execution space, while inheriting the security of Celestia's consensus
  • Applications can be updated without main chain hard forks

Join the community

Join the Celestia community online or hang out at one of the grassroots Modular Meetups
Modular Summit 2023
Modular Meetup