Meet the team

We're building the Celestia network
Our team has deep experience building and scaling blockchains from projects like Ethereum, Cosmos and Harmony.

We are on a mission to change the way that blockchains and decentralized applications are built—making them more secure, scalable and sovereign. We envision a world where global communities have the power to self-organize without being burdened by existing power structures.
Mustafa Al-Bassam
CEO, Celestia Labs

PhD in blockchain scaling at UCL, Co-founder of Chainspace (acquired by Facebook)
Ismail Khoffi
CTO, Celestia Labs

Former senior engineer at Tendermint and Interchain Foundation
John Adler
CRO, Celestia Labs

Creator of Optimistic Rollups, previously scalability researcher at ConsenSys
Nick White
COO, Celestia Labs

Co-founder of Harmony, BS & MS from Stanford
Tomasz Zdybał
Software Engineer

Former core developer at Ethereum Classic, trust minimization maximalist
Matthew Di Ferrante
Software Engineer

Security expert and auditor, Ethereum contributor since 2014
Hlib Kanunnikov
Software Engineer

Previously lead developer at ProximaX, networking enthusiast
Evan Forbes
Software Engineer

Former data engineer, rollup maximalist
Rene Lubov
Software Engineer

Former engineer at Go Ethereum with a background in distributed systems testing
Nhu Viet Nguyen
Software Engineer

Former testing engineer at Oracle
Marko Baricevic
Software Engineer

Software engineer at Interchain Foundation
Josh Bowen
Software Engineer

Former software engineer at Google
Alexandru Popescu
VP Marketing, Celestia Labs

Former Digital Marketing Wizard at Mindvalley Labs
Rachid Chami
Software Engineer

Bitcoin believer, security enthusiast, former blockchain developer at Web3 Labs
Aditi Sriram
Product Manager

Former product manager at The Graph and ConsenSys, with a background in developer growth


Morgan Beller
General Partner, NFX and Co-creator, Diem≋ (fka Libra)
Ethan Buchman
Co-founder, Tendermint and Co-founder, Cosmos
Zaki Manian
Co-creator, IBC and early Cosmos contributor
James Prestwich
Founder, Summa (acquired by Celo)
George Danezis
Professor of Security and Privacy Engineering, University College London
Nick White
Co-founder, Harmony
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