The Celestia community is made up of many individuals with a wide range of skillsets. If you’re interested in getting involved with Celestia, here’s a list of suggestions to help you get started.


  • Experiment with the non-incentivized Mamaki Testnet
  • Tackle a good first issue on one of Celestia's repos
  • Stay up to date with development progress


  • Contribute research or give feedback on current research in the forum

Non-technical Community

Write content about Celestia

  • Write and publish content to your own channels
  • Make contributions to existing content on

Participate in community calls

  • Watch or particpate in the community calls

Run a node on the testnet

  • Experiment and practice running a node on testnet in preparation for mainnet

Translate content

  • Translate existing content about Celestia into your native language or from your native language to English

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