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Explore Frameworks to get started building on Celestia.
Integrate your blockchain with Celestia.
Foundational concepts, and features of Celestia.


Explore frameworks to start building on Celestia.
Caldera makes it easy to launch performant, customizable blockchain rollups using the OP Stack.
Dymension is a network of easily deployable and lightning fast modular blockchains called RollApps.
Eclipse is a customizable rollup provider for developers building decentralized applications.
OP Stack
The OP Stack is a modular, open-source blueprint for highly scalable, highly interoperable blockchains of all kinds.
Rollkit is a rollup framework that gives developers the freedom to deploy rollups throughout the modular stack.
Sovereign SDK
A framework for building seamlessly scalable and interoperable rollups that can run on any blockchain.


Integrate your blockchain with Celestia.
Node API documentation
Documentation for publishing and retrieving data from Celestia.
Why build modular?
Run a node
Learn modular
Data availability FAQ


Foundational concepts and features of Celestia.


Explore documentation for execution environments that are integrated with existing rollup frameworks.
The Ethereum virtual machine.
Cosmos SDK
A framework for blockchain applications.
A Wasm smart contract module for the Cosmos SDK.


New to Celestia? Get answers to the most common developer questions.
Where should I start?
If you’re new to Celestia, you can start with some beginner tutorials to get a feel for Celestia’s architecture. If you feel confident, you can tackle more advanced tutorials, like deploying an EVM rollup, building a full stack application, or integrating a custom blockchain.
What languages do I need to know to build on Celestia?
Celestia is flexible in supporting any virtual machine. Developers can build using programming languages supported by VMs and smart contract frameworks that are integrated with Celestia. Currently supported languages include Solidity (EVM), Rust (CosmWasm), and Go (Cosmos SDK).
What is Celestia?
Celestia is a modular consensus and data network, built to enable anyone to easily deploy their own blockchain with minimal overhead. Head to the What is Celestia? page for an overview.

The community

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